UPX and Telium consolidate association and 11,000 attacks are mitigated in six months


The company

Telium Networks was established in 2004 in São Paulo with the purpose of enabling digital transformation through telecom and data center solutions. It offers services such as dedicated linking, hosting, infrastructure management, PBX, among many others.


As the company and its portfolio of solutions grew, Telium sought a partnership to ensure the protection of its own networks as well as those of its clients that depend on the company’s network services.


Upon identifying the need for specialized anti-DDoS network protection, Telium promptly considered UPX, recognized for its integrity and professionalism and a benchmark in DDoS protection in Brazil.

Throughout negotiations to contract DDoS Defense, Telium underlined that some of its clients could also benefit from direct DDoS protection. This is how the partnership between UPX and Telium Networks emerged.


UPX blocked 11,759 DDoS attacks to Telium’s network in the first half of 2022 alone, with January accounting for 83% of the attacks. The peak of attacks suffered by Telium in 2022 was as high as 155.65 GB/s on just one prefix. And among Telium customers that also rely on UPX’s anti-DDoS protection, 35 attacks were blocked in June 2022, totaling a volume of 8.27 GB/s.

Our partnership made it possible to ensure service connectivity for the entire Telium customer portfolio, because if an efficient anti-DDoS solution was not applied, all customers would be impacted by more than 11,000 attacks in the year 2022 alone.

“We believe that the world must be a safe place, in every sense, including the virtual world. Secure connectivity adds priceless value to enterprises of all sizes, and that is why the partnership with UPX is a huge success. The company’s hard and serious work was well- known to us, and we didn’t hesitate in adding this partnership to our portfolio. At Abrint 2022, we were able to prove our decision – the teams quickly engaged and we received all the necessary support for the meetings with clients. From now on, our paths will further combine. Thank you very much and cheers!”

Denis Martinelli, Sales Director at Telium Network




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