Benefits of effective DDoS protection

Benefits of effective DDoS protection

Does your company have DDoS protection? In a connected economy, infrastructure availability is critical for business success. After all, this ensures that a brand can meet market demands by making the most of its technological infrastructure resources. In other words, investing in DDoS protection means taking a further step towards the success of your company – the network infrastructure and tools you provide will offer enhanced availability, scalability, and performance. Read on to find out the benefits of DDoS protection and how this solution can help you raise your profits in the medium and long run!

What is a DDoS attack?

DoS stand for Denial of Service, which is a cyber threat aimed at making the target unavailable. DDoS, on the other hand, stand for Distributed Denial of Service. That is, distributed denial of service attacks, in which multiple infected machines, called botnets, are used, such as computers and IoT products, to overload the network infrastructure through requests.

In other words, this is a form of attack in which multiple computers are mobilized to continuously send large-scale requests to an IP.

These requests are intended to prevent legitimate users from gaining access to network services. As the network becomes overloaded with too many requests, traditional security tools will have a hard time defining what is a legitimate packet and what is an invalid packet. In practice, anyone’s access to the IP will be blocked.

What are the DDoS protection benefits?

As mentioned earlier, DDoS attacks can stop access to all network services of a provider, web page or corporate system installed in a cloud infrastructure. And since the success of these services depends on their availability, investing in DDoS protection means safeguarding in the commercial viability of the service.

In other words, companies that depend on the internet to run their operations should treat DDoS protection as a priority investment. Besides enhancing competitiveness for the operations that depend on the web, this will bring on secondary benefits. Check it out!

Ensuring greater traffic capacity
The DDoS protection tool ensures that the traffic flowing through the network infrastructure will be fully optimized. Non-legitimate data packets will be actively blocked. As a result, more bandwidth is available for users.

Increased flow of legitimate concurrent accesses
By blocking non-legitimate accesses, the company will be able to make its web services available to a much larger number of users. If the business depends on the web for profit, this is something that should be prioritized. After all, it is the ability to make sales that will be at stake.

Being able to build a scalable network infrastructure is fundamental in the 21st century. DDoS protection ensures that this remains continually possible: greater resource availability equips companies to identify the most appropriate time to expand or reduce infrastructure performance.

What is the difference between DDoS appliance and mitigation in the cloud?

DDoS attacks are continuously evolving. Changes are made both to the way they are carried out and the targets they focus. Therefore, having protection that is flexible and able to cater to various scenarios is crucial.

To do this you must understand the differences between cloud appliance and mitigation. These two types of tools work differently to protect your infrastructure. So by understanding how each one works, you will be able to invest in a product that adequately suits your needs.

Besides the already mentioned benefits of DDoS protection, cloud mitigation uses a system in a cloud infrastructure that is responsible for performing traffic analysis before it reaches the destination server. Therefore, all traffic is cleaned before it is sent to the customer’s network.

The appliance, on the other hand, is connected directly to the company’s IT infrastructure to assess the contents before they reach their destination. In other words, the appliance protects the network’s internal equipment, not the internet link. Therefore, the link will need to support the entire volume of the attack.

Why invest in UPX protection against DDoS attacks?

Investing in a good DDoS protection requires caution. Choose a robust tool that can help your brand more easily utilize its IT infrastructure without compromising its bottom line. This is the case with the protection provided by UPX.

DDoS Defense by UPX has key features to give your business comprehensive protection against this type of threat. These include:

  • Security layers, which can be implemented to give your company more versatility and ensure that no application is affected by external factors;
  • Low latency, which helps in responding quickly to threats and avoids response issues;
  • domestic traffic, which makes integrating the tool into your infrastructure much easier;
  • High connectivity, maximizing your ability to avoid attacks at any time.

The UPX team is equipped to help your business understand the best way to set up DDoS protection and adapt it to your infrastructure. After all, our expert staff is highly experienced and fully understands Brazilian market demands. That’s why you should contact us!

Investing in technologies that involve using the internet has become commonplace in many industries. Nowadays, businesses rely on the support of solutions such as cloud computing and the Internet of Things to reduce costs and optimize processes. This ensures that professionals can fulfill the needs of customers and business partners with a high standard of quality.

But this is only possible when the company has robust, day-to-day tools, such as DDoS protection. After all, they ensure processes will deliver on market demands with the support of a string and effective IT infrastructure. So be sure to invest in the reliability of your network!

Did you enjoy our tips and want to know more about the benefits of a DDoS protection like UPX’s? Contact us!




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